How to get a live person at the IRS!

> Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 between 7 AM – 7 PM local time, Monday-Friday.
> When calling the IRS, do NOT choose the first option re: “Refund”, or it will send you to an automated phone line.
> After first choosing your language, do NOT choose Option 1 (refund info). Choose option 2 for “personal income tax” instead.
> Then press 1 for “form, tax history, or payment”.
> Then press 3 “for all other questions.”
> Then press 2 “for all other questions.”
- When it asks you to enter your SSN or EIN to access your account information, don’t enter anything.
- After it asks twice, you will get another menu.
> Then press 2 for personal or individual tax questions.
> Following these steps will transfer you to an agent.

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